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Product concept

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The Product Concept in a Film


Das Eye as a Window

EyeSense now measures blood glucose levels in the eye by a painless, quick external, non-invasive method. The chosen technical approach aims to overcome the problems of other technologies which have failed in the past. See also the film about the product concept

EyeSense measures blood glucose in the interstitial fluid below the conjunctiva of the eye, a tissue that is known to tolerate implants particularly well.

A specific chemical sensor is used which reacts to blood glucose and sends out fluorescent light which correlates with the concentration of glucose.

The new mini sensor is inserted at the outer zone of the eye in a simple and painless procedure at the ophthalmologist within only 3 minutes.
The size and material of the mini-sensor is adapted in such a way that no foreign body sensation occurs. The sensor is invisible for other people and can be left in the eye for up to one year.
After one year it is replaced by the ophthalmologist. While carrying the insert the patient only needs a small, handy measurement device to measure blood glucose in a non-invasive way.

The device analyzes the fluorescence signal and – after one simple calibration- shows blood glucose levels in the usual units. The biggest advantage of this innovative technology is that the patient can measure glucose levels as often as he or she wants to by just placing the small photometer in front of the eye.
There are no extra-costs dependent of the frequency of measurements. The measurement is very quick and easy, it does not take longer than 20 seconds.